What’s Good about Failure

In Girl Scout camp one summer, we were challenged with scaling the face of a rock wall using tethering equipment, a hope, and a dream. No safety nets. No trampoline at the bottom. No bed of Thin Mints to cushion any fall. Being the considerate girl that I was, I politely let all of the […]

Leadership is Not About Your Title

I have been a member of a professional group for about 9 months. This group has “levels” that separate the beginners from the more experienced. When I joined, I received the ego stroke of qualifying for the “more experienced” level. I like ego stokes. They feel good. However, I hadn’t been getting emails to hang […]

It’s Micro-Manager!

  Look out in the hallway… It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s… Micro-Manager! Faster follow up than a speeding bullet Louder lecturing than a locomotive Able to crush empowerment with a single email…   Superman = cool Micro-Manager = not so cool   Today, I’m going to check my perfectionism at the office […]

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me…

  I was a young, single property manager living on site in the MHC.* Someone had, in a sheer act of unimaginable mutiny, thrown all of the pool furniture into the pool. Being the young sassafras that I was, I planned to investigate. Was eviction too harsh a punishment for soggy seats? I think not. […]