What Leadership and Barry Manilow Have in Common

The year was 1978. I had just earned a coveted spot in the school talent show. I needed a groovy song. One that oozed with awesomeness. The choice was obvious. Manilow. (If you don’t know who Barry Manilow is, he’s just like Justin Timberlake…only cooler.) Yes, I was excited to show off my Saturday Night […]

It’s Not About the Money

“Mom, do we have enough money to buy this?” “This” was a $5 set of Pokemon cards. After sheepishly looking around Target to see who might have heard him, I grimaced at what I had been inadvertently teaching. Instead of my son asking, “How can I earn these cards?”, he asked, “Do we have enough?” […]

Leadership is Not About Your Title

I have been a member of a professional group for about 9 months. This group has “levels” that separate the beginners from the more experienced. When I joined, I received the ego stroke of qualifying for the “more experienced” level. I like ego stokes. They feel good. However, I hadn’t been getting emails to hang […]

How Vanna White Touching Letters Impacts Your Leadership

This past week, I figured my 10-year-old son was old enough to participate in a tradition in place for years in my family: shouting out the answers to the Wheel of Fortune puzzles. Yes, we are a wild and crazy bunch. While we watched, I explained to my son that Vanna’s job is to turn […]

Give Your Employees the Keys to Customer Happiness

It was time to renew the P.O. Box for my business. I mailed it at the post office the day it was due. A week later, I came to check my box for mail, but I could not get in. It was locked from the inside. When I reached the counter at long-last to discuss my […]