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rebecca curlers




“Rebecca spoke for our group and
she was the highest rated speaker we had. She has a wonderful ability to
blend truthful education and humor,
a rare ability indeed. She was eloquent and engaging. Can’t wait to hear her speak again.”

– Joelle R., MOPS Speaker Coordinator

“Rebecca brings dynamism to an event. With her upbeat personality, there is no way any one is falling asleep. Her unique style made our event more entertaining, successfully blending humor with professionalism. She also customized her material for our audience. I would recommend Rebecca for your next event.”
– Jana Axline, Axline Solutions

“I saw Rebecca emcee an event.  She was so funny and exciting, attendees couldn’t wait to get back in the room and see her!”

“I have seen Rebecca speak multiple times, and I am constantly impressed with her presence, how she captures the audiences’ attention, and how she is able to weave herself into the topic with both humor and morality.”
– Annette T.