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It’s Not About the Money

“Mom, do we have enough money to buy this?” “This” was a $5 set of Pokemon cards. After sheepishly looking around Target to see who might have heard him, I grimaced at what I had been inadvertently teaching. Instead of my son asking, “How can I earn these cards?”, he asked, “Do we have enough?” […]

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Leadership is Not About Your Title

I have been a member of a professional group for about 9 months. This group has “levels” that separate the beginners from the more experienced. When I joined, I received the ego stroke of qualifying for the “more experienced” level. I like ego stokes. They feel good. However, I hadn’t been getting emails to hang […]

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Why Do I Have Low Views of My Posts on LinkedIn Lately?

I recently Googled, “Can I use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk?” when a pumpkin pie was threatened by my failure to shop well for the holidays. (I am allergic to cooking, and this is just further proof.) A slew of answers appeared to my question, all saying basically the same thing: no, but you […]

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