Too Tall

I always wanted to be 6 feet tall. Alas, I am not that tall. I am *only* 5’8”. This does not stop me from wearing heels. Everywhere. All the time. Even while running through DIA to catch a flight. Once at the pool, I was wearing my 2 inch wedges (I would call these “flip […]

It’s OK to Make a Withdrawal

I practically begged him to fire me. About eighteen years ago, I worked at a real estate company (manufactured home communities and apartments).  While I normally rocked my job more than melted lava cooling and solidifying, I went through a brief “soap opera and bon-bons stage.” Due to the pain of divorce, Rebecca Poppins was no […]

The Buttered Popcorn and Red Wine Diet

I am about to say a four-letter word.  For the squeamish, cover your ears. Goal. Somewhere along the way, we have taken the acronym for setting goals from SMART to SMUT:  Specific, Measurable, Unachievable, and Time-Based. I am tired of SMUT. This year, I am setting out with achievable goals, like speaking a few times […]

Doughnuts Matter

You can raise the rent. You can increase occupancy. You can even shorten the office hours. But don’t take away the doughnuts! In my property management days, I was out to prove that I could increase the net operating income. Sure, there were the basics: raise rents, review utilities rates for leaks or other issues, […]

Victim or Victor?

After owning mobile homes for years, I saw some of the people living in our homes use this incredibly affordable housing option as a way to advance themselves. It’s a great tool toward financial independence if used as such. Others used it as an excuse. Some built businesses while living in housing that was within […]