Too Tall

I always wanted to be 6 feet tall.

Alas, I am not that tall. I am *only* 5’8”. This does not stop me from wearing heels. Everywhere. All the time. Even while running through DIA to catch a flight.

My Comfy Airport Shoes
My Comfy Airport Shoes

Once at the pool, I was wearing my 2 inch wedges (I would call these “flip flops”) when a teenage girl I did not know complimented me on them. She said she would love to wear them, but she’s so tall already that wearing wedges would simply make her too tall.


Nope. Could NOT stay quiet on that one.

I told her not only to wear whatever shoes she found to be beautiful, but not to let her height be anything but a good thing!  She was not “too” anything!

She probably regretted the uncool mommy lecture from someone who was not her mommy, but I was so thankful that our paths crossed. This teenager made me think about how and when I limit myself.

When do I let fear of being figuratively ”too tall” in business or in social circles keep me from success?

When do I allow what is acceptable to others instead of what is acceptable to me?

When do I limit my potential?

And what is “too tall” anyway? Is it the proverbial crab that is fighting its way out of the bucket? Is it the person who stands out a little differently from the crowd?

Why do we celebrate average in some many places in our lives, including business? 

I am off to a shoe sale. To be tall. To be too tall.

I am also off to several business meetings. To be tall. To be too tall.

Join me?


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  1. Pamela Dickinson

    I’m on the other side of the “too” side of being short but my grandmother used to tell me, “Dynamite comes in small packages.” I don’t see myself as small in stature but I would like to wrap my mind around being too tall in some areas of life.

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