It’s OK to Make a Withdrawal

I practically begged him to fire me.

About eighteen years ago, I worked at a real estate company (manufactured home communities and apartments).  While I normally rocked my job more than melted lava cooling and solidifying, I went through a brief “soap opera and bon-bons stage.” Due to the pain of divorce, Rebecca Poppins was no longer practically perfect in every way at my job.

While I had worked for this company for a number of years, I was unprepared for the life-changing words my boss, the president of the company, would say when I stormed in his office and all but urged him to fire me for my recent poor performance.

“You have made a lot of deposits of time and energy and sacrifice here at the company,” my boss said. “It’s OK if you make a withdrawal now.”

Grace.  It was exactly what I needed right then professionally.  Ultimately, I worked harder and longer for him.  His mentorship continues to impact me today.

In the past 18 years, when life happens to someone who works with me in any capacity, I share the words my mentor said so many years ago.

“It’s OK if you make a withdrawal now.”

Unless you are an alien life form, nothing matters more than being human to those around you, especially in trying times. Try it the next time you see one of your rock stars struggling during a temporary life volcano.

“It’s OK if you make a withdrawal now.”

Of course, give yourself some permission here.  Going through a little bit of life right now?

It’s OK for you to make a withdrawal, too.

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  1. I cannot tell you how comforting those words of wisdom are to hear! Thanks for sharing your life so joyfully and openly! You are one of the brave ones! I am grateful to reconnect!

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