Property Management Operations

Your team is busy, but you still want to grow your operations in certain specific areas. With over 20 years of operations experience in the manufactured housing business, Rebecca Barth and her team at Rebecca Barth, Inc. (RBI) will come alongside your team to reach success in the following areas:
Initial Assessment

Do you want to know what is working and what isn’t? Rebecca Barth and her team’s friendly, positive, and upbeat style allow managers to feel comfortable sharing. After she spends time with your team from both an onsite and corporate office level, she will share with you directly her findings and offer suggested adjustments.

Team Building

Is there a team in your company that struggles with effective communication and leadership? RBI will temporarily lead the team to develop the positive atmosphere that you desire. RBI will put into place strategies to allow the continuation of a team effort once RBI passes the leadership on to a new leader or group of leaders.

Onsite Assessment

Send RBI to your community. We can complete a detailed audit, or we can simply chat with the managers to discover any disconnects with the property and your management team.

Sales & Occupancy

Is your focus on sales? RBI can help! Let us build a sales program together. If your focus is on occupancy, RBI will build a training program around retention and growth for your manufactured home communities.


What can you do to reduce delinquency in your communities? RBI will review balances that are due, the programs in place for sending notices, and other options, such as automatic dialing and more.

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