As an expert on a variety of topics, Rebecca Barth has been featured in articles and on many radio shows. Here are only a few of the places she has been featured:

Focus of Chapter 1 in The Results Map for Women in Biz by Kimberly Alexander

Radio show guest of Jana Axline and Axline Solutions:
Is This Thing On? – How To Communicate for Maximum Impact

5 Don’ts to Building Your Perfect Elevator Speech

10 Signs You’re Overdue for a Night Out (Guest post for Author Kate Conner)

How to Save at Nordstrom

Radio show guest of Crosswalk with Angel and Eric:
Gossip-video clip

Overcoming Fear

Communication: Our Story of Gossip to Grace

Communication Failures: Labels and Misunderstandings

Strategies on How to Communicate With Different Personality Traits

Working From Home – Disruption or Genius Design? (Jennings Wire)

Encouraging Women To Live Courageously

Leading By Example

Being a Mentor and Having a Mentor

Women who own businesses together

Hitting Rock Bottom and Bouncing Back

Money and finances, Part 1

Money and finances, Part 2

Tips on how to save money

God’s provision

Remembering September 11th

Thank you to veterans show

Waiting on God

How to lead yourself through desert places and desert times

The difference between “I can” and “I can’t” through leukemia diagnosis

Friendship is good for your health!

What makes for great friendships

Friendships based on faith

Being real

Communication and Gossip


Communication: teenagers on how to handle gossip and drama

Leadership and communication with teenagers

How to communicate with distant teenagers

Investing in kids’ lives

Teenagers share about their lives

Tips to start the school year off right

Leading as parents

Leading children to behave

People investing in teens

Christian women share heart-felt stories about abortion

Women’s stories of infertility

How to engage, direct, guide, and emerge with teenagers

Traditions with family; thanksgiving and gratitude

Communication in Marriage, part 1

Communication in Marriage, part 2

Communication in Marriage, part 3

Praying for your spouse

Gratitude and Being Rooted in Thankfulness


Pay It Forward Friday

Making a difference with your neighbor

What special needs children can teach and give us

A look at a local non-profit organization

The power of communicating and praying through music

Communicating faith

Leadership through the example of Moses

Communication: When God Speaks

Creating community in another country

Leadership in missions

Rules and freedom in faith


Guest pastor on sharing faith, part one

Guest pastor on sharing faith, part two

Guest Robbie Iobst discusses friendship, communication

Guest Angie Austin, gossip, and supporting women

Guest Kate Conner on her viral post “Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls”

Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) award from Toastmasters International

Interview on communication and gossip with Carrie O’Toole Ministries