How to Communicate in the New Virtual Workplace

Our world is changing. We do more and more with less time. We text instead of calling. We order groceries, meals, and more via delivery instead of going out. Social interaction skills suffer. Communication skills are waning. How does this affect the future workplace? It’s more common than ever to be a part of a team with at least some members working remotely. There is no more physical “water cooler” for building relationships and workplace culture.

Team members that have no personal connection are more likely to misunderstand each other, creating conflict and hurting productivity. How do we create that “water cooler” environment virtually to promote team building and culture in the future workplace and still follow company rules?

Learn how to create culture virtually. Learn how to enhance your written communication to get quick responses. Gain a new perspective on fellow employees’ areas of resistance so that you can navigate communication effectively.

Prepare to laugh and learn together as Rebecca Barth delves into this new dimension of communication in the virtual workplace.

Think Outside the Red Cup:How to Transform Communication on Your Teams

What do Vanna White, yield signs, and the tooth fairy have in common? Find out as communication expert and speaker, Rebecca Barth, helps you change your view of communication. This fun-filled and powerful presentation will have your group laughing–and learning–together as you re-examine what communication is and how to do it effectively both personally and professionally.

What’s the best thing to say to someone when a disruption occurs? How can you handle that office gossip? Schedule today to learn how to achieve the response you want in all of your communication.

The Compassionate Edge in Business:How Being Competitive Only Gets You so Far

This isn’t a woo-woo talk. You will receive actual examples of businesses being transformed by changing communication. Take your business to the next level. You can’t manufacture community. You have to bring true compassion. How do we do that and still be competitive?

Contact me today to lead your team on a new journey—learn how to have the compassionate edge for success!

The Fab Five:The Five People You Need in Your Life to Succeed Personally and Professionally

Specifically designed for women’s groups, this presentation will encourage you to stop waiting for perfect and start loving yourself as you are today. Master procrastinator Rebecca will talk from experience about putting off until tomorrow what could have easily been done today. Now a recovering perfectionist, a full-time business owner, a homeschooler, a wife, and a mother, she shares stories and insight into how to stop putting off our self-approval until tomorrow.

This presentation can be used for solopreneur businesses. If your group needs to stop waiting and start doing, they will appreciate the suggestions Rebecca offers.

This presentation can also be a faith-based presentation. Email Rebecca Barth for a faith statement and details. A former radio host on AM Christian radio and regular AM/FM Christian radio guest, Rebecca shares from an uplifting, Bible-based perspective without sermonizing.

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