How To Communicate Bad News and Have Them Love You For ItWhether to residents, customers, or employees, nobody enjoys communicating bad news. How do you communicate this news and have them love you for it?
  • How to bring out the positive aspects of your message
  • How to be relatable
  • What they want to hear most from you
  • How to choose the right words to get the response you want
  • How timing is important
Leading Your Team to Respond: Communication in Today’s Business Busy-nessNo, emoticons are not the answer to every question! 😀
Your Group Will Learn:
  • To email or not to email: that is the question, and the answer will be given in this session.
  • How to get your leadership team to read (and answer!) your email
  • When to text information
  • How to handle the angry customer (communication calming techniques)
  • Old school: when you have to write a letter, know some basics
  • How to say no by saying yes (Depending on time allotted, this is a working exercise wherein participants practice this skill during the session)
Communicating Through Social MediaStop throwing spaghetti on the wall randomly, hoping something sticks!
  • Why you first need to know what you are doing on each platform
  • Who is your target audience
  • From there, which platform should you use and how to use it
  • The 5 worst things you can do on social media (not responding to a negative comment is one of them!)
  • The 5 best things you can do on social media (includes furry animals!)
Communication Tips for the Manufactured Housing SalespersonAs a former licensed dealer and real estate agent targeting the manufactured housing industry as well as the leader of a large sales force in the largest public manufactured housing REIT at that time, Rebecca will share tips to make your prospects feel comfortable.
Your Group Will Learn:
  • How it is not about selling anymore; it’s about trust and building relationships
  • How to build that trust without the "sleazy salesperson" effect
  • The basics of how to gather information from a prospect
  • The importance of the first meeting and greeting
  • Why the small details matter and what those details are
ManageAmerica Tips and TricksDoes your company use ManageAmerica for its online property management software? Expert Rebecca Barth can provide a fun and upbeat session on tips and tricks for maximizing ManageAmerica for managers.
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