Leading Your Team to Respond: Communication in Today’s Business Busy-nessNo, emoticons are not the answer to every question! 😀
Your Group Will Learn:
  • To email or not to email: that is the question, and the answer will be given in this session.
  • How to get your leadership team to read (and answer!) your email
  • When to text information
  • How to handle the angry customer (communication calming techniques)
  • Old school: when you have to write a letter, know some basics
  • How to say no by saying yes (Depending on time allotted, this is a working exercise wherein participants practice this skill during the session)
Communicating Through Social MediaStop throwing spaghetti on the wall randomly, hoping something sticks!
  • Why you first need to know what you are doing on each platform
  • Who is your target audience
  • From there, which platform should you use and how to use it
  • The 5 worst things you can do on social media (not responding to a negative comment is one of them!)
  • The 5 best things you can do on social media (includes furry animals!)
Sales Tips for the Manufactured Housing SalespersonAs a former licensed dealer and real estate agent targeting the manufactured housing industry as well as the leader of a large sales force in the largest public manufactured housing REIT at that time, Rebecca will share tips to make your prospects feel comfortable.
Your Group Will Learn:
  • How it is not about selling anymore; it’s about trust and building relationships
  • How to build that trust without the "sleazy salesperson" effect
  • The basics of how to gather information from a prospect
  • The importance of the first meeting and greeting
  • Why the small details matter and what those details are
ManageAmerica Tips and TricksDoes your company use ManageAmerica for its online property management software? Expert Rebecca Barth can provide a fun and upbeat session on tips and tricks for maximizing ManageAmerica for managers.
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